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Gobblin' Thunder

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Gobblin' Thunder Information

The award winning Gobblin' Thunder is the original extended ported shotgun choke. Gobblin' Thunder set the bar for every otherchoke tube on the market.

Gobblin' Thunder easily converts the most mild mannered bird gun into a turkey hunting specialist.

With the right combination of shell, pellet & choke constriction, Gobblin' Thunder dependably delivers a 14 - 16" pattern at 40 yards. While constrictions are available for a variety of shell and pellet size combinations, we recommend a 3" #5 for best overall results.

Gobblin' Thunder chokes are recommended based on shell and pellet size. Refer to the Recommendation chart to determine which constriction size will work best for you. Because the recommendations are specific to the bore size of the barrel, Recommendation Charts are located on the product detail page.


Gobblin' Thunder chokes are precision machined to high tolerance standards on computer controlled equipment. We use 17-4 PH grade stainless steel in order to produce the best quality shotgun chokes on the market today.

Gobblin' Thunder features a unique conical/parallel internal design and our exclusive outward angled diagonal ports. These features improve pattern density by up to 20%.

The extended ported section also makes follow up shots faster and more accurate by reducing recoil and muzzle jump.

Gobblin' Thunder chokes can be purchased directly from the factory or through our international dealer network.

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All of our choke tubes come with a lifetime warranty on parts & workmanship. In addition, we offer a 30 day return / exchange policy on most products we sell. For more details, click here.

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